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Solitek brings a new concept in solid state development services for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries. Our projects are truly tailored to your needs, to help you bring solutions to the market and cures to patients in need to innovative, inexpensive therapies. Each company is facing their own and unique challenges and each client deserves to be addressed based on their own, unique circumstances. Standard approaches do not work for us. We focus solely on what you need here and now, to help you move to the next stage in your development strategy. Solitek is working to become your partner of choice for High Quality solid state development services, for companies looking to add value to their programmes.


About us

Solitek combines an excellent understanding of the diversity of the solid form landscape exhibited by small APIs with the experience and the practical know-how to add value to new chemical entities, thus increasing their chances of making it all the way to the market.

We focus solely on what you need here and now, to help you move to the next stage in your development strategy. We offer stage appropriate development for each programme, focusing on problem solving to help our clients reduce the risk of failure during the later development stages and maximising the returns from potential in-licensing partners.

Solitek was launched in 2021 and is located in the Parc Cientific of Barcelona, a major scientific hub in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. We are a small, agile team, we promote collaboration over competition, and we believe in the synergy of two teams working together towards a common goal. Our studies carry the inherent flexibility associated to early development programmes. We offer the best value for money available anywhere in the world.

The founders have a combined experience of nearly 50 years in the pharmaceutical industry, working in the discovery, early development and manufacturing phases of small molecule active ingredients. This includes a combined experience of over 40 years in the world of solid state research and crystallization development, leading some of the largest teams in Europe dedicated to the provision of solid state services, and being involved in over a thousand development programs, many of which have now reached market status.

Many of you have already worked with us over the years. We are a new company, but we are not an untested solid state provider. We provide a new level of excellence in solid form services, combining quality with rapid response and full provision of all the scientific data.

Víctor Díaz

Operations Director

PhD from University of Seville in Organic Chemistry, Synthetic and Medicinal chemist by training, Solid State scientist by vocation. Victor has led some of the larger solid state teams in Europe providing services to pharmaceuticals and biotech companies for over 15 years.

Stephen Winter

Scientific Director

With a PhD from the University of Cambridge, Steve started his career in the area of asymmetric organic synthesis before moving into the field of solid form. He has experience at all stages of product development, from drug discovery to manufacturing and is an expert in crystallization process development, polymorphism and particle size control.

Rosa María Espinosa

Lead Scientist

Rosa Maria has a master’s degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, specializing in solid form in the chemical industry. With more than 10 years of experience, Rosa Maria has worked for leading pharma companies and solid-state providers in both the UK and Spain, holding roles in both early and late phase development, providing expert physicochemical input into compound selection and developing crystallisation processes.

Joan Benet Congost

Technical Leader

Joan is a specialist with a master’s degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in solid form in the chemical industry. Joan has worked in pharma and solid-state CROs in Spain for more than 8 years. He is an expert in polymorphism studies, cocrystal and salt formation and additional API physicochemical characterization.

Clara Pina Coronado

Solid State Scientist

Clara has a master’s degree by the Autonomous University of Madrid. As part of her master, Clara also worked in the drug delivery laboratories at the University of Bradford, UK, specializing in the use of nanomaterials for encapsulation, electrochemical sensors and physicochemical characterization techniques typically applied in drug development.

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