AGQ labs and Solitek join forces in a commercial agreement for the distribution of analytical services and specialized advice in the development of solid forms. These services are of common application in the pharmaceutical sector, but their introduction in other industries, such as agrochemical or food supplements, can potentially bring significant advantages to the earlier implementers.

AGQ Labs is a chemical technology group of analysis, advanced testing and specialized chemical engineering laboratories. AGQ offers valuable solutions and services aimed at the agriculture, food, water cycle, industry, energy, mining and pharmaceutical sectors. AGQ combines chemical and analytical technology with chemical engineering specialized in each sector.

Solitek is aiming to become the partner of choice form High Quality solid state services for companies looking to add value to their programmes. Solitek optimizes the physical and physicochemical properties of active ingredients such as appearance, stability, solubility or bioavailability. This leads to a reduction of risks in the development of new drugs and to an improvement of the efficiency of crystallization process, thereby increasing the commercial possibilities of new products.

The agreement between the two companies has an international reach. It will allow the commercial and technical network of AGQ Labs to offer customers a highly specialized service. In addition, this will bring greater commercial penetration in key target markets, as well as increasing the profile of both companies by means of strategic alliance.

AGQ Labs and Solitek continue with the process of formation and definition of their commercial strategy to ensure that that this new alliance will be a success for both companies, and a driving force in the development of Health & Pharma services.

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