The sector-leading expertise and technology development within Solitek combines an excellent understanding of the diversity of the solid form landscape exhibited by small APIs with the experience and the practical know-how required to add value to new chemical entities. This parallel offering will augment Charnwood Molecular’s own provision of integrated drug discovery services.

Solitek clients will now benefit from access to Charnwood’s world-class discovery and development offering which, after Charnwood’s recent acquisition of Aurelia Bioscience, now combines biological assay development. Recent venture capital investment has ensured that our flagship services in computational and medicinal chemistry, and process research & development are world-class.

CEO of Charnwood Molecular, Steve Allin, commented: “We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients access to the expertise and capabilities provided by Solitek in solid state development, including characterization, solid form screening and selection, and crystallization process development. At Charnwood Molecular, we are driven to become the provider of choice for integrated drug discovery and development services within the global life sciences sector and to reducing the time and related cost implications from early stage discoveries and the clinic. At the beginning of the candidate development lifecycle, we encourage our clients to consider and confront the challenges awaiting them in the development phase in their drug discovery journey, and an enhanced understanding of the physicochemical properties of a molecule, provided through our collaboration with Solitek, is a key part of that challenge.”

Solitek Operations Director and co-founder, Victor Diaz, added “Charnwood Molecular has a very dynamic and enthusiastic team and are growing at a significant pace. We believe that Charnwood Molecular and Solitek’s services are complementary and are certain that this partnership will bring growth to both companies, and more importantly, to our clients. In addition to providing crystallization expertise in later stages of development, Solitek is focusing on adding value to late discovery or preclinical development programmes, so our clients can bring their candidate drugs forward into clinical development with a greater chance of success. Our collaboration with Charnwood Molecular allows us to work directly and seamlessly with their clients and provide them with the appropriate tools to know what challenges they are likely to face in later development stages, allowing them to plan in advance and to make informed decisions as to what candidates to progress.”


In 2019 Charnwood Molecular was acquired by leading Private Equity group, Synova. The deal provided the company with additional investment to support its continued development and growth. Synova continues to support Charnwood Molecular to deliver an ambitious growth plan, built upon increasing investment in the business’s core capabilities as a trusted partner in innovative chemistry, alongside expanding its service offering into complementary scientific disciplines.

In 2021 Charnwood Molecular will relocate its current BioCity and Loughborough operations to a single-site, state-of-the-art laboratory complex based in world-class facilities at Charnwood Campus, Loughborough. The campus was recently designated a “Life Sciences Opportunity Zone”, providing an environment to inspire discovery, encourage collaboration and accelerate business growth within the Med-Tech and Biopharma industries. Charnwood Molecular’s portfolio of services is wide and currently includes:

      • Customised bioassay development

      • Medicinal Chemistry (design, synthesis and multi-parameter optimisation of drug molecules for discovery projects; computational chemistry and emerging synthetic technologies)

      • Custom Synthesis preparation of key chemical intermediates on up to 20-litre scale

      • Chemical Development and Process Research Services including route design, development and optimization

      • Analytical Chemistry Support


    Founded in 2021 by Dr. Victor Diaz and Dr. Stephen Winter, Solitek boasts a combined experience of nearly 50 years in the pharmaceutical industry, working in the discovery, early development and manufacturing phases of small molecule active ingredients. This includes over 30 years in the world of solid state research and crystallization development, leading some of the largest teams in Europe dedicated to the provision of solid state services, and being involved in over a thousand development programs, many of which have now reached market status.

    Solitek’s portfolio of services includes:

        • Solid State Characterization

        • Solid Form Screening and Selection

        • Crystallization Process Development

        • Early Enabling Preclinical Formulation Development

        • Solid State Consultancy and Training

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